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Welcome readers and everyone reading today’s blog post, Good morning. Today we have a very special post for you, today we are going to be interviewing a special individual, which is something that has never happened on

So what makes the individual so special that makes him to be the first person to be interviewed on this blog, well read on to find out why.

Hello anonymous, can you introduce yourself to us?
I’m Akinyemi Akinwumi, for the purpose of this interview, I’ll like to go by the name ACADEMY

Are u an undergraduate or jambite?
Akinwumi: None of the above, am an ex-predite.

If you don’t mind, how old are you?
Akinwumi: I do mind telling my age, I respect my privacy a lot, thank you.

ACADEMY is what your friends refer to you right i.e. your nickname?
Akinwumi: my definition of a nickname is a name apart from your actual name that the public knows you to be called. If you agree with this definition, then ACADEMY isn’t my nickname because am not known by that name to the general public. Only my close friends call me that.

So you don’t have a nickname
Akinwumi: no, not yet.

Can you tell us about your background?
Akinwumi: I’m from Ekiti state, Ayedun Ekiti to be precise, I was born into a family of 4 and I was bred in Ibadan, the capital city of the great Oyo state. B/A in view.

B/A in view, you want to become an able lawyer?
Akinwumi: yes, by God’s grace.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Akinwumi: In the next 5 years, I should be graduating from OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY by God’s grace.

If I may ask, what do you see as your greatest weakness/weaknesses?
Akinwumi: weaknesses should not be exposed in other not to create loopholes, but instead, should be worked upon.

A man of privacy, you continue to intrigue us.
What’s your definition of a genius?
Akinwumi: according to my electrical dictionary, a genius is someone with an extraordinary mental capacity. I also agree with that definition.

Would you regard yourself as being a genius?
Akinwumi: if a genius is truly someone with extraordinary mental capacity, then I think I’m far from being one.

Hmmm…. An honest teen, rare to find this days.
Akinwumi: if that’s an intended complement, then thanks.

You said earlier, that you are an ex-predite?
Akinwumi: yes.

Which year,  were you involved in the programme?
Akinwumni: the 2016/2017 set.

Oh, recently, then the memories are still fresh in mind?
Akinwumi: yes.

In two sentences, can you tell us what the programme is all about?
Akinwumi: it’s a programme set up by OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, targeted towards helping students to gain admission into OAU, if the JAMB process fails. It’s a nine months program divided into a period of 2 contacts.

Can you say it helped you?
Akinwumi: Yes certainly, mentally and socially, it helped a lot, but for the area of admission, I can’t decide that now until I achieve my aims for going through the program, which is to gain admission to OAU.

Ok Mr. Privacy, which should certainly become your new nickname.
Akinwumi: loll.

What was your experience during the 9 months program?
Akinwumi: wow! It actually was wonderful, apart from exposing me to a lot of things, I got to meet new people.

Do you have any role model or models, if yes who?
Akinwumi: hmmm…. Not really a role model but someone whose advice I take seriously. My teacher Mr.Obinna.

Now in conclusion, what is your advice to people, teenagers and readers?
Akinwumi: my only advice to people is one of my quotes;
                            “If it’s not gold, it’s not worth chasing”
Always go for the best, and you will surely get the best.

#truly inspirational
Can you please share any means to reach you?
Akinwumi:  +2349036604584 is available for whatsapp only, you can also contact the admin of for more details on how to reach me, thank you.

Finally, shout out to anybody?
Akinwumi: yes, shout out to everybody that has contributed in one way or the other in making me a better person.

Thank you very much for sparing time for this interview
Akinwumi: I really appreciate the opportunity as well. Shout out to Victor Ogbe (admin of viczeez blog) for making this happen.

Awnnn…… thanks bro.

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