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Chapter 1
Chapter 2

It was a wonderful prayer meeting, Bro Samuel sent me a message telling me to wait for him after the prayer meeting.
We have been friends for a while and he already made his intention about marriage known to me. Maybe he just wanted to ask about my well being I thought. He greeted me as usual and we exchanged pleasantries.
"How was your day Sis Jasmine,hope it wasn't stressful?"
"Not really, I only had a few practical and some assignment to submit, I think I can manage the stress" I said.
"So how far with our discussion"
"Which discussion?" I pretended as if I don't understand what he was referring to.
"I mean my proposal, I really do love you Jasmine, you are the flower I need in my life just like your name implies"he said
"Bro Samuel please give me more time, I need to pray more and get the leading from God. You know marriage is not a Joke,it is serious business" I said.
"I know, I will give you more time dear, am sure am not the only one on the application list right?" He said
"Which application list are you talking about?" i asked
"You know what I mean,you ladies are the real boss, you can keep us waiting for as long as you want " he said
"Well not everyone do that, I think brothers need to be more patient too"
"Its my birthday next week, and I will love to celebrate it with you,if it is okay by you" he cut in
"Are you having a birthday party or what?" I asked
"Not really,I just want to celebrate with you alone" He added
"Well, I will give it a thought and get back to you later, I can't promise anything right now" I said
"Please make time for me my love , it will make me the happiest man on earth on that day" he said
"Please Bro Samuel don't call me your love,until things are finalized. It makes me feel uncomfortable"
"OK dear,I will try"
"Please do" I said silently.
We parted ways.
One week has passed and I already forgot about his birthday, don't blame me I had a lot of school work to do coupled with tutoring freshers and fellowship activities.
He called a day to his birthday to ask about my decision. I was lost in transit when he asked,he doesn't need a prophet to tell him that I have forgotten completely.
"I can't believe you have forgotten my birthday so soon Jasmine" he asked angrily
"Am so sorry, I didn't mean to forget am just quite busy" I cut in
"I am so disappointed , how could you forget even after I begged you. So what is your decision now?" He added
I couldn't say no, I already disappointed him by forgetting his birthday. I should be a little considerate I thought, so I reluctantly said yes.
"Wow thanks so much Jasmine, I can't wait to see you tomorrow,tomorrow must be my best birthday ever" he said full of joy
I couldn't sleep early that night, my mind was not at rest."why is my mind troubled" I asked myself.
We would probably go to a restaurant, or watch a movie and talk for a while. It shouldn't be a big deal I thought, so I waved the thought off and slept...
To be continued

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