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I woke up the next day feeling disturbed again, I had my quiet time as usual and i prayed to God to order my steps.I went for my classes, and my day was hectic as usual, we had a 6 hours practical and an impromptu test.
I wish I could just go to my room,eat and sleep for few hours, but I already promised to go out with Bro samuel today. I called him earlier that day to wish him a prosperous and fulfilled years ahead, and he was so happy that I called, he added that he will be expecting me soon.
I got to my room around 4 pm, took a cold shower, and changed into one of my favorite flare gown, and I packed my hair into a ponytail. My roommate were not back from class yet by the time I left the room. I got to Bro Samuel's room around 5 pm, he was so happy to see me, he opened his arms wide to hug me, but I just gave him a hand shake and a smile. I wished him a happy birthday again, and he introduced me to his roommate, Segun.
Samuel and segun were both in their final year, they knew each other from childhood before they lost contact and now they are reunited as roommates . Segun left the room few minutes after I came, he bidded me goodbye , saying he wants to go home and check on his sick mum.
I wished him safe journey and prayed that his mom gets well soon. Now it is just me and Samuel in the room. Samuel told me a little about Segun, Segun and Samuel's family used to live in the same flat many years ago before Segun's father passed away. Segun's mum couldn't cope with the house rent and school fees and they had to move out of the house to a small room.
Segun's mum had to do a lot of odd jobs like nanny, housemaid, and cleaner to provide for her children. And now the result of the hard labor is telling on her health. Samuel narrated. I felt pity for Segun and his mum, I just pray she gets better so she can reap the fruit of her labour. I thought
"So how was your day?" Samuel cuts in
"It was hectic as usual,nothing much" I replied
" So Where are we going for the celebration " I asked out of curiosity
"Don't be in a hurry,you will find out soon enough" Samuel replied
''Okay no problem " I said
"Do you care for a drink, maltina, fruit juice or coke?" He asked
"I will prefer water, cold water will just be fine" I replied
He went downstairs to buy a cold bottle water, and he served me with a cup. This was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I knew was waking up on a strange bed, and in my underwears. At first I thought I was dreaming, until Samuel walked in in his boxers.
"How are you my love,how are you feeling now"he asked.
"What is happening here?,why am I on your bed, in your room and half naked for that matter" I asked feeling lost and confused. I tried to stand up, but i was still feeling dizzy and I feel a lot of pain in my lower abdomen and around my private part,I don't need anyone to tell me what just happened.
"You just gave me the best birthday gift ever, I have been dreaming of today for a long time" he said with a smile
"Did I just hear you say a birthday gift, you took away pride and honor forcefully and you call it a gift...I can't believe this" I sobbed
"Don't cry dear, I love you so much, and you will always be dear to my heart, I didn't mean to hurt you I just want you to be mine and mine alone, you should understand" he cuts in, trying to pet me with his hand
To be continued...

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