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"Don't you dare touch me with those filthy hands of yours you animal in humans flesh" I said in a loud voice, pushing him away with all the strength I had left"
I wish I could just slap his dirty filthy face, but I lack the strength to even stand up. I sat up on the bed and was in deep thought for about 20 minutes,trying to gather some strength . "I wished I never met this animal, I wished I never came to his room, it was all my fault, I am very stupid." I blamed myself
I grabbed my cloths, dressed up and gathered some strength to stand up. I don't know how I got to my room that night, I felt the whole world crumbling upon me, I couldn't control my tears. I couldn't walk without staggering, I guess the effect of the drug he used on me is still in mild action.
I can't believe I just lost my virginity on a platter of deceit and rape, I can't believe this is how today will end. What should I do?, who can I talk too? I was so confused at the moment, should I talk to my mum, just as I was thinking about my mum, my phone rang, who could it be? I hope it is not that useless animal, I thought. It was my mum calling, the last time we spoke was yesterday morning, she and dad always makes sure they check on me everyday.
"Hello dear,how are you today?, hope you are alright?"
"Yes mum" I said trying to sound okay
"Your voice sounds low, are you sure you are okay?, I have a feeling that something is wrong with you and I have prayed for you dear"
"Am just a little tired, We had a long practical today" I said
" alright dear, make sure you rest and eat well, hope you saw the alert of the money I sent to you this morning? She asked
"Oh yes, i saw it mum, i forgot to call you to say thank you, thanks mum, say hi to daddy"
"He is also sending his greetings to you, stay safe and remember you can always tell me anything,if you need to talk to someone okay" She said
"Alright mum, have a wonderful night rest "
"You too dear,remember we love you" She added
"I love you too" I replied.
Why did my mum call at this very moment, she is a very spiritually sensitive woman. Should I tell her what happened to me, will she believe me? I asked myself. No let me just keep quiet, my mum will be too shocked and disappointed in me, and my dad will be disappointed too. What happened to me is too shameful to be shared with someone, I will just handle it myself I thought.

Before entering my room, I branched to the restroom, washed my face and the tears and I try to pretend that everything was fine. But I couldn't hide my pain, and tears wouldn't stop rolling down my face, my roommate was so sure that something was wrong with me, but I just told them I was not feeling fine.
I didn't even bother to change into my night wear, I just slept on my bed and covered myself with my duvet. My best friend Kemi who is just my next door neighbor came to visit me, I normally top at her room to say hi and gist every time I come back from lectures, because her room was before mine. She didn't see me today so she decided to check on me.
I pretended to be asleep when she came and she wanted to wake me up and disturb me as usual but my roommate prompted her that I am not feeling too fine, she felt my body with her palms and prayed for me and then she left.
All I could do through out the night was crying and wishing everything can just be reset to how it was this morning when I woke up.......
To be continued

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