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No words can express how I feel right now, yesterday was the worst day of my life, and last night was the longest night ever, I couldn’t sleep for a second. My pillow is soaked with tears, I wish I could just drown in my tears. I didn’t stand up from the bed until I was sure all my roommates had left for class.
Kemi my best friend also came to check on me before she left for class. Going to class was the last thing on my mind, I just wished I can cease to exist. I gathered some strength, took my bath and drank a cup of water, drinking that water reminded me of the water I drank in Samuel’s room, did he inject the bottle or was the drug in the cup? I asked myself.
All I did throughout the day was thinking,how will my life be,will I ever get over this shame I feel inside. I decided to while away time on social media, I picked my phone and found out it was off already, the battery must have been low. I plugged it and switched it on and saw five missed calls from Bro samuel. “Why is this idiot calling me,hasn’t he done enough?” I asked myself and then I saw a text he sent saying “Jasmine, I am very sorry for yesterday, I don’t know what came over you. I just called to check on you. Can we see today after fellowship?”
“Is this guy completely out of his mind, while will I want to see him today or any other day for that matter” I thought
I pray I never set my eyes on him again, but that won’t be possible because we attend the same fellowship. What will that rapist teach today in bible study, is he even born again at all? or is he just pretending? I asked myself.
May God deliver us from all this deceivers in the church of God calling themselves Christians. I felt the nudge in my spirit not to visit him, but I was not sensitive enough to the leading of the holy spirit. I sobbed. It was all my fault, but still why did God allow it to happen, he should have stopped it by all means, why God?why me Lord? I questioned God.
I couldn’t eat through out the day, you don’t expect me to have appetite for food at the moment. The day was faster than I thought it would be though. Kemi just came back from class and she didn’t even drop her bag before she came to check on me, she is a friend like a sister.
“Jasmine! you are a very terrible friend, you couldn’t even call or text me that you weren’t feeling fine yesterday” she said in a loud voice
“am so sorry my friend, everything happened so fast”I said
“So fast that you couldn’t text me” she cuts in
“am so sorry dear, I won’t do that again” I said
“You better don’t , or else I will “divorce “ You as my friend”she said laughing
“So how are you feeling now?, did you read well,have you taken your drugs?” she asked anxiously
“Yes I am better, you don’t need to worry” I replied trying to calm her down.
“am relieved to hear that “She said as she hugged me
“but your face is all swollen and your eyes are red too, are you sure you are fine?”she asked as she tried to check my face closely.
“am okay dear” I said trying to hide my face and put on a fake smile.
“So what happened in class today” I asked trying to change the subject
“Nothing much,just the usual, but almost everyone asked after you. Even Professor Chidi and some other lecturer noticed your absence” she replied
“Really, I can’t believe it , that is so nice of them” I said excitedly
“What do you expect? You know you are Miss popular coupled with the fact that you are the best student, it is just normal that everyone will notice your absence, and you know you seldom misses class too” she said
“Yes you are right. I should be in class tomorrow probably “ I said
“Proba…what? You must be in class tomorrow, I miss you so much, today was so boring and long without you. In fact am coming to drag you out tomorrow morning to class whether you like it or not”she said frowning
To be continued....

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