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“Okay okay, I will come no need of dragging me Madam Iron lady” I said
“better. It’s almost time for bible study let me go and freshen up so we can go together ” she said as she reach for the door
“Am not going today” I said bluntly
“Why? You love bible study so much, why would you want to stay alone in the room rather than being in God’s presence. You have rested enough ,don’t be lazy we are going together” She said
“I think I need to rest more, am still feeling weak,unless you don’t want me to go to class tomorrow” I said trying to threaten her
“If you like don’t go to class tomorrow,I don’t care, but we are going to fellowship together. And have you forgotten that today is general bible study,it’s your favorite teacher Bro samuel “She said with excitement.
The sound of his name makes me sick to the stomach, my mood changed instantly. For few minutes I had forgotten about my shame and sorrow, but Kemi just gave me a bad mood unknowingly by mentioning that name.
“Kemi please go and prepare for bible study don’t be late because of me “ I said as I try to usher her out.
“Ok, I will check on you before I go incase you change your mind” she said.
Kemi left for her room and came back few minutes after to call me but I pretended not to hear her numerous knock. I don’t wish to see Bro samuel again not to talk of siting under his ministration. God forbid.

One week has passed already, but not a second passed by without thinking about everything that has happened. Samuel didn’t even help the matter with his constant calls and messages, at a point I didn’t even bother to read his messages, i just delete them immediately.
Today is bible study again, but it is not a general one like last week, we will have different classes with different bible study teacher, so I decided to go to fellowship. I tried to avoid contact with him throughout the service, and I was successful. The bible study was expository as usual, we discussed the importance of living a holy life, a life that is a pleasing aroma to God.
My phone ""beeped'' and it was a message from Samuel asking me to wait after the service, that he will like to have a word with me. This guy must be completely nuts if he thinks I will wait for him. I said to myself. Immediately after the fellowship ended, i left with Kemi . We were walking down to our hostel with other sisters discussing the topic we just treated at bible study, when I heard my name JASMINE !!!.
I looked back and it was Bro samuel
“Good evening sisters” he greeted everyone
“can I see you for a minute”he whispered to me , while trying to redraw me from the other sisters
“What do you want to see me for ?“ I asked angrily before he could even say a word.
“What do you mean Jasmine?, after what happened last week, you can’t say No to my proposal. can you?”
“You must be crazy to think I will want anything to do with you after what happened last week. I regretted the day I met you and I curse the day you were born. My answer is NO, I can’t marry a beast like you “
“Did you just say No to my proposal “ he shouted
“Yes, my answer is No” I shouted back
“You don’t know me Jasmine “ he said laughing mysteriously
“Yes I know you, you are a beast, a liar and a deceiver. “ I shouted
I left angrily before he could even respond or say any other thing
“come back here am not done “he shouted
I walked as fast as I could so I could get away from him, I met Kemi waiting for me a distance away. She was curious to know what we were arguing about, she knew about his marriage proposal and I just told her we were discussing about the proposal and my answer was No which he didn’t accept.
Hours later at home, after i finished reading my bible then I remembered the conversation I and Samuel had today. What is giving him the effrontery to even talk to me like that, I thought. He wasn’t even feeling remorse about what he did to me and he is still thinking that I will say Yes to his proposal. When am not crazy I said aloud. Then my phone rang and it was Samuel calling again, he called several times but I didn’t pick up so he sent a Whatsapp message.
“isn’t this a picture of me in his room half naked?” I asked myself as I looked at the pictures closely….
To be continued....

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