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How to Apply Makeup for Casual Date

How to Apply Makeup for Casual Date

You are dating! It’s auspicious. You have finally got some spare time to sit with someone special and talk about all the important stuff that matters to you. Having loved one in the life is a big blessing, but you cannot deny a fact that your appearance has much to do with how people communicate with you, how they talk to you and how they think of in general. If you are a kind of messy girl, with hair coming off of the style from here and there, your boyfriend would take you as a fashion novice or at least he would think that you have bit lack of taste in fashion. To impress him and many others, you have to wear makeup in a different yet very interesting manner for casual date.

Three makeup options available:

Neutral makeup:

It would look wonderful to look natural while still on basic makeup such as foundation and pastel eye shadows. The moment is special, you must avoid looking artificial.

Sleek and Glamorous makeup:

How about waking some secret desire for love by wearing red lips and light orange eye shadows with heavy lashes and stylish eye liner? It will also boost your confidence while you will communicate as there is nothing you will need to fix by going to the bathroom over and over again, except for that your lip color should last longer.

Natural yet Inspiring:

The third makeup inspiration is one that would transform you in the lady of the day! You need to focus more on highlighting your facial features by using lighter shades. The foundation should cover the blemishes if you have any, whilst the light colors must help with the enhancement of features.

Things needed for makeup of casual date:

Shany Makeup kit Palette, containing both neutral and glamorous (common shades)

Facial highlighter

Light silver face shimmer

Dark lipstick (red or pink)

Compact foundation, use airbrush if available

Dark black mascara


Light blusher in pink color

Step by step tutorial on how to apply makeup for a casual date:

Use Avalon Organics CoQ10 cleansing milk on the face and massage gently until all the roughness of the skin is gone. Ideally, you must keep your face moisturized before 24 hours of the makeup, it’s your special day and you have to be impeccable in every way, you don’t want to take off your makeup and redo it only for a reason that the dryness or pigmentation is appearing over the base.

Remove the moisturizer and wash your face with water only.

When face is dry, take your best foundation in the palm and use your finger to apply it gently all over the face, starting from the cheeks area. Use dotted method if confused how to make the foundation stay for long.

The foundation must be absorbed in the skin. Use powder after it and let me set on the skin for two seconds.

Now pick the most suitable eye shadow from the kit and apply it. Refrain from making smokey eyes, you are not going to the party, the more natural you are the better you look.

Always highlight your crease section first because you will not want to waste your time by removing additional shade that will smear beyond the boundary line, which is usually outside the crease.

Apply the makeup within crease. Now draw the line (flick or without flick) using your eyeliner and give it a finished look by using mascara.

Do a fish face and apply small amount of blusher.

Put on your lipstick, never forget to use lip liner if you intend to wear red lip color.

In the last apply the shimmer with soft brush on cheeks area only.


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