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I'm not dead! Reveals the best male vocalist oau pd, Ewa Adefioye.


Welcome readers and visitors to today’s blog post, good morning. As usual we have a post that is very special, yes, very special. We are going to be interviewing someone today. He is no longer a visitor, we all know him and if you don't, you can read his earlier INTERVIEW HERE.

Good Morning  Ewa
Ewa: Good Morning boss

I guess we already know you.. No need for introduction again
Ewa: yes, I believe so.

Ewa! What have we been hearing?
Ewa: I don't understand.

We heard you are dead!
Ewa: lol, I heard so too, that's why I believe this short interview is in order.

Yeah it is. So what has been happening?
Ewa: lot of things my man, lot of things.

All rounder, oya give us every detail!
Ewa: Smiles... I have being quite busy with some projects.

You have started with this your indirect answers, what do you mean by projects?
Ewa: smiles... Have been working on new songs, improving on my cloth designs, and for the first time, am working on a movie project!

You see why we call you an all rounder,  you are into everything
Ewa: smiles...  It's God oo my oga

Gist us about your upcoming songs, and why have you been off mic?
Ewa: have been sick for sometime now, but thank God have recovered fully and am ready to blast 2018 with dope and hot songs

Hmm...  Ewa, take it easy oo.. Tell us more about the songs you coming up with
Ewa: smiles.... I have been working on a song that I believe the fans will love, but it's not a single, I featured in the song. It's a rap song and you all know your boy isn't into rap but we bounced on this.

Nice..  Well-done boss, what's the title of this banger song?
Ewa: the title is... I GET THE BAG. Artistes- Hadir ft E.W.A and like I said earlier, it's a rap song.

You said earlier that you working on a movie project, tell us more!
Ewa: lol... It's just a small project oga mi.. The title is PREJUDICE, and it's promising to be the hottest campus movie ever! Am playing a role in the movie.

Wow! We are impressed... What role are you playing and who are the people featuring in the movie?
Ewa: smiles... Am sorry but I can't reveal that just yet. You just have to wait and be amazed big time.

Owk oo! We will be waiting like you said
Ewa: lol....  Yes

Is the song out yet?  Where can your fans download it from?
Ewa: it's not out yet but very soon... The download link will be provided here once it's out.

We have come to end of this short interview, wanna say anything?
Ewa: lol....  Not really, I think we have covered everything for now... I want to publicly say that AM NOT DEAD, AM STILL ALIVE AND KICKING, READY TO BLAST 2018 WITH DOPE SONGS.

Good! Good, thanks for coming for this short interview
Ewa: thanks for having me once again.

When should we be expecting another interview?
Ewa: soon, very very soon and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who read my previous interviews and downloaded my songs.. God bless.


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