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Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys Targaryen’s death CONFIRMED? Here’s the evidence - VICZEEZ MEDIA

Game of Thrones season 8: Daenerys Targaryen’s death CONFIRMED? Here’s the evidence - VICZEEZ MEDIA

GAME OF THRONES season eight may still be over a year away but fans have been busy speculating about the fate of their favourite characters and one has predicted Daenerys Targaryen’s death.

Warning- SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!

The final run of Game of Thrones will see Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke) and her new love Jon Snow (Kit Harington) face the terrifying Night King (Vladimir Furdik) as he attempts to destroy Westeros.
But as they head into battle with the formidable villain, one fan believes Daenerys will be killed leaving Jon to take the Iron Throne.
Reddit user Tehrab’s theory is based on Daenerys’ experiences in the House of the Undying in season two and hints at a huge tragedy.
They noted: “During Dany’s visions, she encounters the throne room in the Red Keep in a state of ruin.

“While we could speculate endlessly on that aspect of her visions, it’s what immediately follows that piqued my curiosity.
“Upon leaving the throne room, she exits and finds herself north of the wall. There, she makes her way to a tent where she is reunited with Khal Drogo and her stillborn son, Rhaego.”
They continued: “If these visions foretell of a future to come, then it would seem clear that Dany’s end lies north of the wall, to join Drogo and Rhaego in the land of the dead, the Night Lands.”
It comes after one fan revealed that they believe Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) will betray the Mother of Dragons.

They foretold that the Hand of the Queen’s loyalty will be tested.
User frandrebiin suggested: “Remember that pondering expression on Tyrion’s face at the end of the season seven on the ship? When he was looking at Dany’s cabin with Jon [Snow] in it?
“I always thought that in that moment Tyrion didn’t like them being together because he wanted to break the wheels and a royal heir would torpedo that.
“And only as another, unlikely option, that he might be a bit jealous because he had feelings for Dany himself.”

“Recently, I rewatched the finale of season six and there is a scene after Dany told Dario [Naharis] that he has to stay,” they continued.
“The scene where Tyrion said to her that Dario wasn’t the first to love her, and he won’t be the last, there is a longing look on Tyrion’s face.
“So, he might very well be in love with Dany. At least, I’m now leaning to that option of interpretation of his season seven look. Either way, this could very well be reason enough for him to betray Dany.”
Game of Thrones is expected to return to HBO and Sky Atlantic in 2019.

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