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Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog on Blogger

Blogging is on the increase. So many people are getting into blogging. Most of the people using blogger don’t know there are something’s one needs to know and understand.  If you’re new to blogging, here are a few things you should consider before starting a blog on Blogger.

Use a Custom Domain Name

Your blogger blog is already hosted by Google. It is highly recommended to use a custom domain name for your blog. It doesn’t cost much to register for a custom domain name. Do you need a custom domain name that’s cheap affordable and reliable? Click HERE a good design/template
If you must have a blog on Blogger, then consider using appropriate design. If you don’t have technical skills, consider searching for blogger templates with good looks or simply hire a web developer.

Start with Unique and Helpful Contents 

After setting up your blog with a good design and configuring a domain name, you need to start by posting contents that will keep your blog alive. If you see content you like and would like to post it on your blog, you can copy and paste everything without changing anything then add the source that is where you copied the content from. 
Or better still, if you must copy make sure you edit and make it look original.
Also, your content should be written with both your target audience and SEO in mind. Keep your message clear and to the point.

Make Your Blogger blog compatible with Mobile Phones.

No doubt about it, majority of people will want to read blog posts from their mobile device. You should be ready for this by making your blogger blog compatible with mobile devices. 

Finally, you need to keep doing research if you want your blog to be successful. Look up Google Analytics and use Google’s Keyword tool to find what your audience is looking for.

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