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2019: How To Remove Virus On Android Devices

2019: How To Remove Virus On Android Devices

2019: How To Remove Virus On Android Devices
Do you want to learn how to remove Virus on Android? Then you’re on the right page. In this post, we will be showing you how you can easily remove Virus on Android.

If your android starts misbehaving, you might think it's something normal but it might not be! It could be a virus, Although viruses are rare on andriods, they exist and they can find their way to your Android device.

Of recent, the way most people get virus into their android device is through the installation of applications through the internet (3rd party applications).

The best way to download an app which is highly recommended is to download it through the play store. Although that cannot totally make your phone virus free but it helps.

2019: How to remove virus from Android devices

1. Safe mode - we sure most of you haven't heard of safe mode or if you have, you don't know what's used for. Safe mode helps stop all third party apps from running on your phone. You can then spot and remove any malicious apps on the phone.

How to find safe mode on an Android device? 
It's very simple actually. You can put your phone into safe mode by pressing the power button, you will see a list of menu, then hold the power button once again to locate the option to boot into safe mode.

2. Malicious app administrator - one way to remove virus from an Android device is to remove the malicious app administrator status.

How to find the malicious app administrator?
Phone setting -> locate security -> locate device administrators. If an app is causing a virus on your phone, you will see the app there and from there you can uninstall the app.

3. Factory Reset - This is the most common method of removing virus from an Android phone. We advice that it should be used as the last resort if you can't find the app that's causing the virus or you discover it isn't an app. 

4. Anti-virus Apk - it is not easy to find FREE Anti-virus apks that will get the job done but, if you must download an apk, make sure; 
a. You download it from the Google playstore
b. Check the number of downloads and popularity
c. Check the stars it has gotten, make sure it has at least 4.5 star rating.

How To Avoid Android Virus

1. Download from the Google Play Store.
2. Never allow an app device admin permission, which prevents it from being deleted. You can only it if it's absolutely necessary
3. Check app permissions: Before Installing any app, avoid cloned apps and check its permission
4. Make sure the Unknown Sources option is disabled: This is disabled by default.
5. Keep Android up to date: Trying installing whenever a new OS update pops up.
6. Install an antivirus app: We talked about this before, but make your research before downloading. There are couples of best Anti-virus apps you can download from Playstore and install on your phone.

That wraps it up for how to remove virus from Android devices. If you think or know of other ways to remove virus from Android devices, you can hit us up in the comment section or send an email to . 

We will be sure to reply you. Thank you and God bless!!! 

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