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2019: Ways To Free Up Space on Android Devices

2019: Ways To Free Up Space on Android Devices

Ways To Free Up Space on Android Device

If you’re here then you’ve probably been hit with that “your storage space is running out” notification on your android device and you’re looking for ways to free up Space on your device. Let us look at Ways To Free Up Space on Android Device.

MicroSD card

The most simple method of doing this is to use a micro SD card but there might be an issue if your android device doesn't have a micro SD card slot available.

However, if you have a SD card slot, get yourself a SD card (it varies in size depending on your budget but the higher the better). Once you have gotten the SD card, you can then move most of the files you have Installed to the MicroSD card in order to free up space.

Be careful about SD card though. MicroSD cards are more likely to get corrupted by a virus which is why some prefer to stick with the inbuilt memory. Let's get down go to Ways To Free Up Space on Android Device.

2019: Ways To Free Up Space On Android Devices

Cleaner apps

There are a lot of Apps on the Google play store for the purpose of “Cleaner Apps” and most of them actually get the job done but why download an extra app on to your already filled up storage while you can simply use Android’s built in storage manager. 

I only advice the use of “Cleaner Apps” when you are not lacking storage space but feel the need to keep your phone cache, data, app clean. If you looking for an app to do the job, I personally recommend SD MAID. You can get it from the playstore.
The only disadvantage of the app is that to get maximum usage, you have to buy the pro version. Use of such apps is a way To Free Up Space on Android Devices.

Android built in storage manager

Android smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop above come with a storage tool that allows you to free up storage space in the event that it eventually gets filled.

To do this, simply go to Settings >> Storage and from here you’ll be able to see different categories and how much data each category has.

If you are using the android built in storage manager to free up space on your android device, there are two things you should note;

1. Cache- A cache usually refers to a memory storage area in the phone or network that stores copies of information that is likely to be needed in the near future, so it can be accessed faster.

Is it safe to clean? Since cached data is automatically created and it does not include any important data, wiping or clearing the cache for an app or a device is harmless.

There two ways to clear cache data to free up space on an Android device. It is either you clear cache data for all apps or cache data for a specific app.

To clear cache for all the apps in other to free up space on your android device, follow these steps:

-Head into the Settings menu of your phone or tablet by pulling down the notification shade and tapping on the gear icon on the top.
-Look for storage and tap on it.
-Now tap on Cached Data.
You will notice a pop-up screen which will ask for confirmation.
-Tap on OK to completely erase all cached data from the system.

How to clear app cache data for specific apps only in other to free up space on your android device?

-Go to the Settings menu of your device.
-Search for Apps and tap on it.
Here you will find all the apps on your system
-Tap on the app for which you want to clear the data.
-Tap on Clear Cache to wipe the cache data for the specific app only.

2. App data- As for Data, things get a little complicated. Data stored by apps are valuable and when cleared will reset the app and clear everything the app has saved on your smartphone.

However, clearing apps data can free up a lot of space but you have to be careful so as to clear data of app with an important data.

Google files Go Apk

Of recent, most phones come pre installed with this application but if yours does not have it, I will recommend you download it from play store.

The Files Go app is a free file manager app developed by Google for exactly this kind of problem and is probably the only cleaner app i can recommend. 

The app shows you things like unused apps (apps you haven’t used in the last 4 weeks), temporary app files, Large files etc and let’s you sort through them and delete the unwanted files easily.

That wraps it up for Ways To Free Up Space on Android Devices. If you think or know of other ways to free up space on an Android device, you can hit us up in the comment section or send an email to . 

We will be sure to reply you. Thank you and God bless!!! 

Note: viczeez media does not have any affiliation with the recommended apps. They are just apps we have tested and feel out viewers should try out. Thank you.

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